Lauren O'Connell, LMFT
Lauren O’Connell Therapy for Creatives

santa monica, ca


Depth Therapy for Artists and Creative Professionals


The various creative industries in Los Angeles are brutal. Doing the work you love is insanely rewarding.

Working as a creative professional lands you in situations where others can benefit from you not setting limits.  You feel like you’re burnt-out and spread too thin, looking for inspiration, surrounded by toxic people, or waiting to hear back after sending out material. You’re also juggling family, dating, and friends while struggling to prioritize yourself and your art.

Your field is emotionally challenging, and I will help you face that challenge.  It takes self knowledge, the ability to hold big feelings, capacity to wait and strength to set limits with people big personalities to do this work.

My goal is to help you find joy in your art again.

You’ve already made it this far with your talent, skill and ability to work hard. Let's do the deeper emotional work that will help you build a life, career and relationships in which you are authentically yourself and have energy and time to feel inspired.


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