Lauren O'Connell, LMFT

Feel connected to the people who matter to you most


Good story tellers have a knack for intuiting what other people think, feel and are motivated by.

While this helps you so much with your work, in relationships, sometimes it’s overwhelming to be so tuned in to other people’s feelings. Sometimes, it’s hard to feel happy or even O.K. if someone else is unhappy. By giving you so much of your energy away, you lose a vital time, space and energy to take care of yourself.

If you find yourself jumping through hoops to make other people happy, putting their needs before yours, or you feel guilty saying no, therapy can help.

You can learn how to start setting healthy limits in relationships as well as how to identify and communicate your feelings in a kind and authentic way. With the help of a therapist, some time and effort, I believe you can begin to feel connected while independent of the people who matter most to you.

When your relationships are less arduous and more supportive, you have more time and energy to enjoy the people you love instead of feeling anxious about them.

I’ve helped countless people over the past ten years successfully navigate and heal issues related to

  • Dating

  • Co-dependency

  • Recovery from heartbreak

  • Communication with-in relationships

  • Chronic patterns of picking unavailable partners

  • Falling in love with people who treat you badly

  • Struggles with Family members

  • Non-Traditional Dating arrangements/Polyamory etc.

  • Spending to much time in the “Friend-zone” hoping it will lead to a relationship


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