Lauren O'Connell, LMFT

Let’s find a way for you to feel passionate and secure with yourself and your work.

Your art and creative mind have given you solace when you were lonely and helped you articulate parts of yourself that you couldn’t share with anyone. But now you work in a creative field and it has changed your relationship to your craft.

It’s rough being a sensitive person in a competitive field. One day you’re on top of the world and other days it feels like everyone else’s career is moving faster than yours. You’re terrified that you’re not talented enough, skinny enough, buff enough or lucky enough to succeed and once you're thinking that way you can’t “snap out of it”.  You're having a hard time trusting people with your material either because of their opinions or you're afraid your work might be copied or passed off as someone elses's.It feels like there’s a ticking time bomb, and you live in a state of panic that if won’t achieve the things you’ve dreamt of since childhood, and will feel like this was all a waste of time...some days it feels like you should just give up and become an accountant. 

You’ve accomplished great things but put tons of pressure on yourself to do it again, and feel shut down or uninspired. It’s intense navigating all the stress and personalities you encounter every day, and you have to keep it together to keep the train on the tracks. You often work with people with strong personalities and their thoughts, needs and expectations sometimes become so distracting it feels like they eclipse your point of view. You’re looking to find a way to set limits and be true to yourself.

Some people think you’re not doing “real work” and that’s total b.s. They seem to think you’re having so much fun that you don’t need to be paid for your efforts or time. In order to take yourself, your work and your time seriously enough to be able to set boundaries with people like that, and believe it for yourself.

Underneath all of this, you might actually be a little afraid of succeeding: scared of how it might change you, or how you handle it, or how to maintain it. Or you've been successful and you don't know how to make it happen again. You're nervous about putting yourself out there and how people in your life are going to react to your art and success.

Let’s find a way for you to feel passionate and secure with yourself and your work. We will find a way for you to listen to your inner voice and confident, calm and energized.

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